Thermrad has expanded its range with the new RF control system.

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Easy to control with Thermrad Thermrad has expanded its range with the new RF control system. With this system, it is easy to adjust the heating or cooling in your building using your smartphone remote control app. Optimal user (climate) comfort is achieved through a control system for central or group control. Not only does the system provide an ideal (climate) comfort, there are additional savings on your energy bill by no longer heating unused spaces. Thermrad RF includes a complete system of wireless controls that all work together seamlessly. This makes them highly suitable for both existing and new buildings, as there is no need for any further construction work. The control system is suitable for various types of heating, such as radiators, underfloor heating, electric radiators and electric underfloor heating. The temperature for each space can be controlled separately by a room thermostat. In combination with, for example, a heat pump, the spaces can also be cooled using this system. You can use the plug-in to create an on/off switch for any electric component with a plug, such as lighting. And with the free app, the system is easy to control remotely using a smartphone or tablet. The app is available for IOS, Android and Windows smartphones. The central (WIFI) touchscreen unit is fitted with a micro SD card reader, so the system can be extended when new applications are added. Click here to read more about the RF control system solution. With the Thermrad RF control system you are ready for the future!

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