• Made of scratch and impact-resistant metal

  • Fitted with ultra-strong magnets

  • No radiator disassembly or replacement required

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With the VeraLine radiator housing any common radiator can be turned into a luxurious design radiator in no time. This way you can easily give your living room, hall, kitchen or bedroom a totally new appearance.

What makes VeraLine radiator housing unique, is that the existing radiator doesn’t need to be disassembled. Using a simple click-system, your installer can provide the radiator with a design housing in no-time, without the need to disconnect pipes and so on.

In order to clean the radiator, the housing can easily be removed. The smart top-grating and the front plate, which are fastened tightly against the radiator, will have only minor influence on the heating output.

The VeraLine radiator housing is available in 17 modern colours and is suitable for any existing type of radiator with a length of 300 to 3,000 mm, a height of 270 to 1,020 mm and a depth of 56, 107 and 159 mm.

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