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  • Luxurious radiator with 4 connections

  • Affordable design

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The Thermrad Compact-4 Plateau is equipped with 4 connections. This radiator can be used in situations that do not require a bottom connection. Because of the 4 connections, the price is exceptionally favorable, so it can be used in both replacement and projects. The flat design front plate, in combination with the ornamental grille and side covers, ensures that the Thermrad Compact-4 Plateau fits into any interior. The heat-permeable trims not only give the radiator an attractive appearance, but also cover the sharp corners and top. The protective casing makes these radiators very child-safe and extremely suitable for schools and healthcare institutions. Are you looking for an affordable panel radiator with a luxurious look? Then the Thermrad Compact-4 Plateau is the best choice.

Each radiator is supplied complete with L-brackets for fast, invisible wall mounting.

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