Thermrad Super-8 Standard Galvanized

  • Extra protection against corrosion

  • Guaranteed long service life

  • Prevents rust formation in your bathroom or toilet

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Specially designed for humid spaces, the Thermrad Super-8 Standard Galvanized has a zinc base layer as extra protection against rusting.

This version is extremely suitable for humid spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens or toilets. Moisture and condensation, when combined with scratches or bumps, can damage the paint and accelerate the corrosion process. The extra primer, which has a thickness of 10 microns, contributes to the long service life of these radiators.

This range is supplied without the top grill and side panels, however, all other specifications are identical to the Super-8 Compact.

If you are an installer, it is good to know the following:
Because of its long service life, this radiator is recommended in service contracts to private customers or housing associations.

Technical specifications and heat output, Super-8 Standard galvanized

If you are a private customer:

If you are an installer:

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