Thermrad Super-8 Plateau

  • Combines design with ease of installation

  • Luxurious radiator with 8 connections

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The Thermrad Super-8 Plateau is supplied with a luxurious casing and a flat front.

Similar to the Super-8 Compact, the Plateau version is suitable for universal applications. Fitted with up to 8 pipe connections, this radiator can be used for almost any situation. The connections at the bottom offer optimal ease of installation and also ensure that the CH pipes are virtually hidden.

The Super-8 radiators are extremely suitable for new systems, and, because of their many connection options, they are an excellent choice when adding to or replacing existing radiators.

All radiators are supplied complete with handy snap brackets for fast, safe and invisible wall mounting.

The Plateau radiators have a fixed additional price compared to the regular Super-8 radiators, however, there are no additional charges for installation.

Technical specifications and heat output for Super-8 Plateau

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