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Underfloor heating can be installed in several different ways. The choice of installation method depends, among other things, on the insulation present and whether it is being installed in new-build / a renovated building / home or non-residential building. The most frequently used, economical and energy-efficient installation pattern is the so-called Volute pattern, which provides a uniform heat distribution throughout the space. In this case, the supply and return pipes are laid side by side in a spiral shape. For spaces with cold outside walls or large windows, the meander pattern can be used as an alternative. When using this pattern, the first section of pipe must be laid along the coldest wall. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to lay the pipes at a distance of 10cm apart for the main heating system, and 15cm apart for additional heating. Our range has a solution for every situation. We also offer a service for creating the laying plan (drawing) or heat loss calculation.

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