• Energy savings through efficient heat output

  • An eye-catcher for any interior

  • Exceptionally suitable for humid spaces

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The Thermrad AluStyle is an exceptionally luxurious D├ęcor radiator with a total of 6 connections. The vertical lines lend an elegant finish, suitable for any interior. A high heat output makes this radiator extremely suitable for spaces with limited width and a high heat demand, such as a hallway or living room. The corrosion resistance of the aluminium makes this range exceptionally suitable for humid areas. The excellent heat conduction and low water content of aluminium radiators allows fast and efficient heat release, resulting in lower energy bills. Aluminium radiators are light in weight (approx. 1/3 of steel radiators), health and safety friendly, and suitable for fitting to various types of walls. This makes the AluStyle very versatile and enables a flexible layout in almost any living room or bathroom. The Thermrad AluStyle is available in 2 colours: Aluminium textured white and textured black. Aluminium radiators are not suitable for district heating.

AluStyle technical specifications and heat release

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