Thermrad AluStyle Plus

  • Plus: center-connections

  • Plus: optional towel rail

  • Plus: pre-mounted airvent- and endplugs

  • High-quality aluminium design radiator

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Thermrad AluStyle Plus is a very luxurious design radiator with a total of 6 connections.

In contract to the normal AluStyle, the Plus version is┬áequipped with center-connections at the bottom and is delivered “installation ready” for these connections. For example, the┬ádiverter is already placed and the required airvent and blind plugs have already been assembled in the connections. *

Each radiator is provided with fixing holes for the installation of a matching towel rail. This makes the AluStyle Plus perfectly applicable for bathroom and kitchen.

Thanks to the good heat conduction and low water content of aluminum radiators, a fast and efficient heat emission is created, resulting in savings on your energy bill.

The Thermrad AluStyle Plus is available in 2 different colors: Structure white and black.

Aluminium radiators are not suitable for district heating.

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