• Unique heat pump manifold

  • Made of high-quality composite material

  • Easy-to-fit units

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The plastic manifolds are made of high-quality composite material, making them suitable for heating and cooling without condensation.

The extremely easy-to-fit units are characterized by the modular construction of their supply and return elements, making it easy to expand to additional groups.

All manifolds and thermostatically controlled valves (adjustable/lockable), flow meters and thermostats, are made from high-quality materials. The Composite Industry version is exceptionally suitable for systems with a heat pump system. For this reason, the manifold is fitted without a pump.

The flow meters on the supply bar allow for easy reading of the flow per group. This version is also fitted with 1” ball valves on the inlet and return bar. On the Industry Sustainable model, the flow meters have been replaced by Auto Flow Valves, which are suitable for re-adjusting simple settings. By setting Auto Flow, each group is 100% hydraulically balanced, even if there are any subsequent changes made to the settings of the other groups.

The Industry version is available as 1 to 20-group.

Plastic Industry manifold manual

Quick installation Guide: Composite Industry manifold

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