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The plastic manifolds are made of high-quality composite material, making them suitable for heating and cooling without condensation. The extremely easy-to-fit units are characterized by the modular construction of their supply and return elements, making it easy to expand to additional groups.

All manifolds and thermostatically controlled valves (adjustable/lockable), flow meters and thermostats, are made from high-quality materials.

Composite model LTV Sustainable is the most complete and energy-efficient manifold in this range, and is specifically designed for heating for low temperature heating. A control valve at the side of the manifold is used to check and add to the return water. As standard, this model is hydraulically neutral, with no circulation via the boiler. Closing the built-in control valve creates a pressure differential which hydraulically activates the manifold, so the manifold and the pump continue to run in the rest of the heating system.

The standard fitted flow meters can be closed and are adjustable from 0 – 300 litres per hour. The circulation pump is an energy-efficient A-label model.

The extensive range consists of 1 to 16-group manifolds, suitable for any working or living situation.

Quick Installation Guide: Composite LTV Sustainable manifold

Composite LTV Sustainable manifold manual

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