• Affordable design

  • Top level heat output and design

  • Suitable for situations with limited wall width

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Due to its high heat output, the Thermrad Vertical Plateau range is ideal to use in situations where there is only wall space with limited width, but where a high output is desired, such as in the hallway, kitchen or living room.

The Thermrad Vertical Plateau, with its decorative and sleek front panel, adds a luxurious touch to any interior.

A separate magnetic towel bracket can be ordered for the bathroom or kitchen.

Connection to the pipes is through 2 of the 4 connections at the bottom of the radiator. A design radiator valve for the middle-connections provides an attractive solution which hides the CH pipes from view.

Its favourable pricing makes this version an excellent alternative to Design- and towel radiators.

All radiators are supplied complete with fixing brackets for fast, safe and invisible wall mounting

Technical specifications and heat output for Vertical

Mounting instruction top connection set for Vertical

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