• Central unit with touchscreen control (WIFI)

  • Control via analogue, digital and programmable thermostats

  • Basic module with various expansion options

  • Underfloor heating controls, radiators and electric underfloor heating / appliances

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In cooperation with Watts Industries, Thermrad has introduced a system that makes it easy to control the heating and cooling in your building. Whether you have three rooms or fifty, with the Thermrad control system you are in charge. The system is suitable for various types of heating, such as radiators, underfloor heating, electric radiators and electric underfloor heating. You can use the plug-in receiver to create an on/off switch for any electric component with a plug, such as lighting. The system is controlled by a central touchscreen unit (WIFI). Alternatively, you can use the free app (iOS and Android).

Central touchscreen unit. Full colour 4.3“
Power supply 230V/50Hz or USB (optional cable)
RF-communication 868 MHz with WATTS-Protocol
WIFI communication (2.4 GHz) for Smartphone and Tablet (iOS, Android) and web pages
50 Spaces (Heating, light, On/off switch)
Extensions and control options

Free Apps (iOS, Android)
One-click WIFI connection
Local access and remote access via web page
Intuitive, plug and play. Automatic syncing with connected devices
Central touchscreen unit for multiple devices for a wide range of uses
Day programs
Multilingual support. Upgrades and updates via micro SD Card (Optional)

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April 26, 2017

RF Wireless control system